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Frida: Letters to Diego is a unique original mixed media piece of art with historical significance. It is currently featured in Britian's "Artist Talk Magazine," Issue 30. The art includes Frida's letters and work taken from the book, The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait by Alas Rojas. The portrait of Frida was painted over these interesting layers of letters and art by Frida. 


Careful attention was made so this painting represents Frida's Oaxacan (Mexican) culture, which was inherited from her mother, rather than painted like so many which have been altered making Frida look too European. The colors I selected for her clothes, flowers and jewelry also represent her proud heritage. Frida is celebrated in Mexico for her attention to the Mexican indigenous culture, as well as her unique style, Mexican folk art, surrealism and realism and her depiction women, feminism and their experiences.  


I was honored to live in Mexico for 8 years and loved touring Frida's Casa Azul in beautiful Coyocan; the Diego murals at the Palicio National; Diego's studio home where Frida lived for some time; visiting Xochimolco in a colorful boat where Frida and Diego celebrated their second time married, to name a few. 


It will be hard to part with this beautiful 22" x 28" depiction of Frida. Who will be the fortunate owner? 

Frida: Letters to Diego - Original Art Festured in Artist Talk Magazine

  • Width 22"

    Height 28" 

    Profile 1 3/4" with a painted border of the Mexican butterfly migration. Framing is unnecessary. 

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