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Everyone loves sunflowers, which are native to the Americas. They represent a long life and lasting happiness, positivity and hope. They stand in splendor throughout the summer and are used to represent harvest and bounty throughout the autumnal season. 


This Merri Mini will look beautiful on top of coffee table books, an end table, a china cabinet or given as a gift and is sure to delight. Original art is always a unique gift for the sunflower lover in your life. 


This original is painted on a 6” x 6” wood block and the aqua background extends around the edges, onto the back, and can stand on its own.

Sunflower in Aqua Radiance Merri Mini #121 -- Original Art

Out of Stock
  • Width 6"

    Height 6"

    Painted profile 1" so it can stand on its own.

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