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The original has sold so I am delighted to offer this soothing Pool Time limited edition giclee print in two options!  


Pool Time has The print itself is 4.75" x 7.75" and with the beveled double mat (white & gold), the entire product measures 9” x 12.”  It was created this way so it's ready to fit into any standard frame. The limited edition print is also professionally mounted and signed/numbered.


If you would like a larger print of 8" x 10," beveled double mat (white & gold) with the entire product measuring 12” x 14,” as seen in the second photo, we will order it for you at the same price, It will also be professionally mounted and signed/numbered.


Enjoy thinking about the lazy days of summer relaxing in a pool.


**Free Deliveries in Austin, Texas**

Pool Time - Limited Edition Giclee Print

Out of Stock
  • The print is 4.75" x 7.75."

    The entire matted product is 9" x 12" 


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