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Announcing Kara's 100th Merri Mini, an oyster shell original painting. This paintng is layered with gorgeous color to create a feast for the eyes and an appetite for oysters! It includes layers of paint creating depth and a variety of colors discovered throughout. It's profile is 1.5" so it can stand on its own, although it also comes with an acrylic stand. The painting is a perfect gift or decoration for your home on a stack of books, an end table or your favorite nook. Collect the other two for a lovely discounted grouping.


**Includes an acrylic stand**


**Free deliveries in Austin and Plano, Texas**

Merri Mini #100, Oyster Shell -- Original Painting Kara Manza Art

Out of Stock
  • Width 5"

    Height 7"

    Painted Profile 1.5"

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